July 2, 2014

House Update: wet bar

Well we finally settled on the first contractor for the wet bar. I wrote about the design here. We went back and forth between people but in the end really loved the first design and was willing to hound these guys for a call back. Kind of sad that we've had to do this with people to take our business, but oh well. Anyway, we settled on a cabinet color, design, and this past weekend Dave and I went to pick out our granite.

It's been a kind of annoying process so far, so I really hope we are happy with the finished product. Monday my Momma was amazing and stayed at our house pretty much allllllllll damn day so the cabinets could get delivered and the guy could come and start putting them together. She was back at our house on Tuesday for the rest of the delivery. Dave is working from home today so that they can finish putting the cabinets together and install them. But before they do that they have to move up one outlet so it's counter height. Hopefully all the cabinets will be done today and then we can schedule them placing the granite counter top.
I created my little wish list of items we'll need to accessorize the bar. Basically we need a crap ton of drink glasses. I see an Ikea run in our future since they sell sets of glasses at a really reasonable price. I'm sure once the bar is done we'll put more thought into what we actually need. And we're not really the couple to keep any liquor in the house, so it'll be interesting to research what we "should" have on hand. It's kind of funny that Dave and I are putting in a wet bar as we're not big drinkers. There's hardly ever any alcohol in our house and even when there is we never drink it. Hopefully this will give us an excuse to invite new friends over and have a cocktail or two. Maybe while playing Cards Against Humanity-to soften the blow of what awful people we are laughing at those cards.

I guess I won't be needing such a large Ikea trip as my Dad just emailed me after reading my post, that he has a "shit ton" of glasses he will bring me. Thanks Dad!



  1. So fun and exciting! And sweet for scoring the free glass ware! Way to pitch in Gen Mac. Can't wait to come see your new space (and your face - I rhyme now) soooooon, friend! Hope the rest of the process goes well for you guys.

  2. So exciting! I've been designing our future wet bar on Pinterest ;) Can't wait to see your finished space!!

  3. I so know how you feel! It's like "people?! do you want our money or not?!" We've had the same problem with both granite AND carpet people! So funny that your dad emailed after reading the post. That's awesome! And yes...love Cards Against Humanity!

  4. Oooh a wet bar. From all the excitement I'm sensing with the installation, I'm pretty sure it'll look absolutely fantastic once it's done. I do hope you get to share more about the wet bar. I want to see pictures of it. Anyway, you're lucky to have such a great Dad, who is willing to give you tons of drinking glasses. I hope everything's well with the family! Cheers!

    Arthur Bryant @ Contractor Express


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