May 12, 2014

come drink with us

The only thing (other than the backyard and the 2nd guest room-hopeful future baby room) that needs to be finished is the bar area on the second floor. Dave and I had a couple people come out to draw up some plans for the space. We decided to go with the more elaborate plan even though it's more expensive. I think it'll really make the Man Cave floor come together and I'm excited to have it started. This weekend I went and picked out the cabinet color-espresso. Dave was supposed to come with me but Finley foiled our weekend plans by pooping on both our rugs (tummy problems), so he had to stay home and wait for Stanley Steemer.

We knew we wanted a few things when we first started:
  • a sink (the builders did the plumbing rough in)
  • mini fridge
  • wine rack
Other than that, we weren't too particular so when we saw this drawing we were more than thrilled. And don't think that because it says man cave wet bar that there won't be plenty of margaritas being made. If this sexiness doesn't get Dave's buddies to visit I don't know what else will. I'll promise a stocked bar, old school drinking games, and no clean up. Come visit!

What do you think of the bar?
What should we have on hand for drinks when it's done?


  1. Oh man I am jealous! If I were you I would claim this bar as my own!

  2. This is amazing! My husband would be totally jealous :)

  3. Sign me up for a stay at casa de Bounds!


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