May 13, 2014

new arrangement

Yes, this is our new living room arrangement. I may have drawn it in Paint yesterday to explain to my friend Nicole how we moved things around. She doesn't know the difference because she hasn't been to our house yet. Well, she's been there but it was being built so it doesn't count. I'm sure that this beautiful image will prepare her for her seating choices when she comes to visit in July.

In case you have no imagination I'll be taking some real pictures this weekend.

We're waiting on our console table to be delivered for behind the couch, and our rug to be cleaned after Finley had an accident on it this past weekend. He's doing much better after going to the vet and getting some medicine for his upset tummy. Poor guy.

And no, unfortunately those two chairs by the Master Bedroom are not beanbag chairs. I wish we were that cool.

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  1. I'm actually impressed with your paint skills ;) It's so hard to get a straight line! haha I can't wait to see the pictures!


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