July 3, 2014

hey you

It's so strange-a nickname. It feels oddly personal, so I refrain from going by it to the outside world. It's homey to be called it-to be known so well by friends that they kind of fall into the family category and with that, pick up on what your family calls you and end up calling you that too. I love when I have my family and close friends around. Lauren isn't really said-it's not my name.
I'm excited to be around such loved ones this weekend where I can slide back into my nickname like a comfy and well worn sweater. It makes me feel loved and known.

With one of my best friends getting in last night and my sister flying in today, and our pool party cook out tomorrow with my family I'm just really excited to be surrounded by loved ones that know me, really know me.

Funnily enough Nicole doesn't call me by my nickname as we met at work in a professional setting. More than 3 years later she still hasn't gotten comfortable with calling me anything but Lauren. I still love her lots though.
{my VERY first instagram pic!}


  1. I love nicknames. I love to give the people I really like nicknames. I feel it's more personal. I hope you enjoy your family and friends and your cookout!

  2. How fun :) I love nicknames! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead!

  3. Yay for nicknames!! I love them too! I'm so excited for you that Katie and Nate are coming back! I hope your weekend is AWESOME!!!


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