July 16, 2014

Wedding Speech Tips

I've been the Matron of Honor in two weddings (my sister's and my best friend Megan's) and have  given speeches at both receptions. As someone that hates to speak in public and as wedding season is in full swing I thought I'd give some helpful tips for those of you preparing a speech of your own.

Write your speech beforehand. Take the time for your loved one to do this. This is a special day and they asked you to be a part of it. Respect that and prepare for your speech. If you're nervous, go a head and read from your note cards. They'll appreciate the time you took to prepare and I can guarantee your speech will be better than blabbering off the cuff.
Nothing is worse than a speech of all inside jokes, or when you don't introduce yourself. Their entire family may know you but be sure there are people out there that have no idea what your name is or how you know the bride. Take a moment to introduce yourself and explain how you know one another.

One of them may be your friend, but this it THEIR big day. Include him in your speech. Tell him how lucky he is or how much he makes your friend happy. Just don't forget him-it's rude.

My favorite speeches are the ones that have me laughing AND tearing up. Try to be emotional and funny, if possible.
Be tasteful, don't use any curse words or words that people would find offensive. Also, watch out for large words that people may need a dictionary for. We know you're smart but you don't need to confuse people in the process. Keep it simple, people have been drinking!

Keep the speech short so that you don't lose people's interest. Also, they want to get back to dancing their butts off. About two minutes is perfect. You should practice your speech (ya know that whole be prepared thing) so you should know how long it runs.

The perfect wedding speech set up:

how you know the bride
personal/funny story of you two
how you're happy for the couple (including the groom) or why they're a perfect match
well wishes or prayers for the newlyweds

Check out this article for more tips.


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