July 15, 2014

Family rocks

It's been a great ten or so days with my sister and her husband here in town visiting. I'm sure it's been hard for them as they're transitioning back to the states from China but I really appreciate them taking the time to come hang out with us. Mom and I have had a blast having them here, showing them around our new town, and eating. We do a lot of eating all the time, but enjoy it more when we're all together. Even Dad and Dave were in town for part of their visit so we were ALL together again. It was wonderful.
I'm so lucky to have my mom here full time but it was fun to have a glimpse of what it might be like to have my sister here as well. I'm doing pretty good so far on getting people I love to move down, so I'll keep working on them!


  1. How fun!! I love family time!! Do they have an idea of where they want to live?

  2. Family time is the best! I am sure you could convince her to move there as well!

  3. So fun :) Nice job on the 4 person selfie!


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