July 17, 2014

boy best friend is getting MARRIED!

It's true, I have a lot of best friends. I think it's because I don't have just good friends. You're either in the inner circle or you're an acquaintance. I do have good friends but most of the time I'd just say they're one of my best friends. Is there a rule? Does best friend have be to singular?

My male best friend is getting married this weekend and I couldn't be more excited. I'm so thankful for this relationship because it's different and special from any of my others. Guys are so much more real with you at times. No bullshit, just facts with maybe a little softening in the delivery because they're afraid you'll cry. I love Aaron because he's the brother I never had-so much so he protected me and warned me about stupid idiot guys using me (for my car people-not this awesome bod. haha). We met in high school in Germany when we were both the new kids and developed a friendship and have remained close since then. He gets along with my husband and I get along with his fiancĂ©. There's an understanding there too with our spouses that this is a thing, and you have to embrace it. Nothing romantic ever happened between us and I think that's what makes it easy for our spouses to embrace this friendship. We've helped each other through a million things: college, lack of faith in God, heartbreaks, deployments, coming back to God, etc. It's a special friendship and I'm a lucky girl to have so many great men in my life.

I'm so happy that he found the love of his life in an amazing and adventurous woman. I can't wait for their big day on Saturday.


  1. Weddings are the best, especially when they are for our best friends. Congrats to him and his future wife!

  2. How fun! I love that he's such a close friend :) Have fun at the wedding!


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