July 10, 2014

7 friends every girl needs

{my faux bachelorette party since I was already married}
The other day I was reading the Every Girl and I came across this article about the 7 friends every girl needs. I copied the one I think I am to others (most of the time) below:

The No BS-er This is the ‘hurts so good’ friend. This one is always hard for me because I have the ego of a peach (bruises easily.) But, after I stop crying, I’m always appreciative of friends like these because hot damn sometimes you really need to hear the truth. This is the friend who asks the tough question, or helps point out that your boyfriend/boss/roommate actually has a good point. They’re not rude or malicious (of course, people like that don’t quite deserve the title of ‘friend,’ now do they?) but they are not there to blow smoke up your bum. This friend is great because they keep you humble, help you to see a different perspective, and encourage you to keep growing and changing (which ultimately helps you as a human. Promise.)

They also said there was:

The Hustler
The Nurturer
The Bad Influence
The Opposite Life Stage-r
The Social Butterfly
The Historian

I think friendship with woman is a very important thing. When you have deep friendships you protect them, you're slow to let new people in, and you'd do anything for them. I don't think all friendships can be categorized into those seven types but I do think they cover a good chunk of them. And some friends can be multiple of these. For example one of my best friends is a bad influence (that's cute BUY it) and a nurturer, but at times can be a no BS-er. But we're women and we're complicated so what else would you expect?

Where I am now in my life I am still maintaining these friendships while they live far away but putting time and effort into new friendships down here. I'm at the point where I want to invest in good people that can evolve into great friendships. I don't want those pointless friends anymore, the ones that leave you feeling bad or judged after coffee. I used to think it was about quantity of friends, but truly it's about QUALITY. I have such quality friends, I know if I called any one of them and said it's an emergency, fly down here, their plane tickets would be bought within the hour. These are the women I want to surround myself by. And if I need to bite my tongue and play nurturer when they need it and no bs-er another time, I'm happy to do it. They know me, and I know them and we can discern what each other needs at the time.

Do you have friends from that list?
Who do you think you are as a friend?


  1. I always need a bad influencer in my life, (Not a SUPER bad influencer, but slightly bad is good) otherwise I end up never pushing my boundaries. I think I would be the no BS-er because I'm not very good at lying so I just don't.

  2. So interesting! I haven't heard this before. I feel like I have these friends but most are so far away. I'm not sure which I am. Probably the nurturer.


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