July 9, 2014

House Update: I'm blue

I'm not, but our bathroom is.

{Finley being a naughty boy as I take pictures}

Sometimes when I get excited about things I just want to do it. Forget the prep work, I just want to skip ahead to the fun part. Ehhhh that's not really the best idea, especially when painting one accent wall navy blue. The wall was jacked up, I'll admit it. This is why I should listen to Dave. He's smart and calculating and takes his time with things, which really means that we don't have to go back and fix stuff. But I was in charge of painting and I jacked it up (you really should take the time to painters tape the edges and walls and stuff). So Monday we had professional painters come in to fix the wall and to paint the rest of the bathroom. I really love how it turned out. Not only did they fix my navy blue wall but they painted the aqua color for a more pulled together look overall.

It's funny how we're still putting finishing touches on the house here and there even though we've been in the house about 8 months now. I'm so glad we decided to add some color to this bathroom and not just have one wall with paint on it. It feels finished now. Next, to finish the wet bar. Slow progress there.


  1. Wow, this looks amazing! I love the color choices and all of the little details- especially the seahorse candle holder!

  2. I love the navy blue with the aqua. It looks great!

  3. I love it!! The blues are so pretty! (And that picture with your dog by the sink- ha!! Too funny!)

  4. Very cute bathroom! Love the beach theme :) My hubby is the better prepper too...he always does the painters tape first before I come in with the roller.

  5. I LOVE the blue wall & Finley in the photo!


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