July 11, 2014


Dear friends, it's 7-11, go get yourself a free slurpee!!!!
{from last summer-after the beach slurpee time}
 Dear Spaz and Nate, thanks for stickin' around my house on Monday to make sure the painting and wet bar people could come and work. Dear Dave, I love you so much. You work so hard and I thank you. Dear Cassie, I can't believe we're done with our No Other God's study. I really learned a lot and am working hard on a daily basis to let my functional gods go. Dear Finley, thank you for being so good so far while Dave is away. Make my life so much easier. You're such a good boy (at times). Dear friends, please pray for my grandma as she fell and broke her hip. Pray for a speedy recovery after her surgery and for her husband (my papa), my mom and her sister as they navigate this new territory of how to care for their mom. Dear heart, you're still broken over our loss and its' ok. I really am trying to not take that hurt and anger out on anyone else. But it hurts so much that I can't rejoice with others for their happy news the way I should. Dear Aubrey, I thank GOD for you. I'm sorry that you understand my hurt and pain but I'm so thankful for your friendship and that you're someone I can call in the midst of a sobbing fit and pray with me. Dear Dave, thank you for always listening to me and understanding what I'm feeling.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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