June 18, 2014

pinky's out

Sometimes it's fun to get a little dressed up and go out with your Momma for tea. So that's just what we did. Although it was Father's day, Mom and I went out and had ourselves a nice little girl time this past Sunday. We explored a new place in Tampa (the Oxford Exchange) ate wonderful finger sandwiches, scones, and treats, drank tea, and had great conversation.
I love having my mom literally minutes away from our house. On Saturday Dave and I were running some errands and what do you know but my Momma in the turning lane about to pass us. We all waved wildly and my heart about burst. I love that random things like that can happen. Feels like home down here, having her nearby. And that's great because this is our home now. I can't wait until my dad is down here with us full time too.

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