June 17, 2014

anniversary gifting

Now that our anniversary has passed and we've exchanged gifts, I can share a little gift guide. As  I've mentioned before, Dave and I like to give the traditional wedding gifts as it's more fun and we have to get creative. For the 3rd wedding anniversary the traditional gift is leather. Dave bought me a beautiful new coach bag months ago when we went to the outlets and I've really enjoyed using it. But he knows me, so when we celebrated our anniversary he also gave me a pretty leather journal too.
At first I really struggled with what to get Dave, but in the end was really excited with what I purchased. I gave him two leather luggage tags with his initials monogrammed on it, a passport holder with his initials monogrammed, and a leather business card holder from Pottery Barn. He's traveling a lot lately for his job so I figured these things were useful, masculine, and professional. Here are some ideas for you so you don't have to struggle like I did.

As great as my gift guide is I went in a completely different direction for Dave. Personally he either has one of each of these items or would not use them (leather jacket in Florida? I think not. And he's not a journal kind of guy).
 I've also compiled a little cheat sheet for the first ten years of marriage and what their corresponding traditional gifts are.

 I feel like next year I'm going to have to really get creative since flowers and/or fruits don't scream MAN GIFT to me. But that's part of the fun!

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  1. I so love the "traditional" anniversary gifts...I think it's so fun to try to figure out something fun for each year that we'll actually use! Great ideas, ma'am!


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