June 20, 2014


Dear Dave, I'm glad you'll get some use out of your anniversary gifts. And I'm so thankful that you're taking me with you on your work trip to AUSTRALIA and SINGAPORE! I'm sooooooooooooooooo excited.  Dear Christa, Cassie, and Kristyn, in regards to my 500th blog post yesterday, I'm so thankful the blog world has brought us together and formed some special friendships. Dear Dave, Thanks for being willing to let me share our life online. Dear Aubrey, I'm waiting for you to start your personal blog! Do it! I'm so glad we have each other to lean on during difficult times. Dear Cassie, you get married tomorrow!!! Congrats sweet friend. May your day be as beautiful as you dreamed.

Dear Mom, I'm so glad to have you so close by. It's fun to get together to make dinner and hang out. I love that all the time but appreciate it even more when Dave is gone. Thanks for keeping me company. Dear Reyna, thanks for our fun day together. Nothing beats amazing food, a walk in gardens (with hugging trees), and a stop at the outlets.

Dear Dave, I miss and love you lots. See you soon.


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