May 19, 2014

I win.

Friday evening, Dave and I hosted our first game night. We invited a few couples we know to come and play. This was a good way to meet people's significant others without an awkward and stressful dinner party. No cooking for me to worry over and having games to focus on is a great way to initiate interaction.

We started with some snacks and drinks and small talk to catch up and introduce those that didn't know each other. Then we went straight to Cards Against Humanity. If you haven't played this game, you're really missing out. Although, you should probably play this for the first time with people that love and know you since it's a disturbing and inappropriate game (but!). To end the night, and to cleanse our minds, we played Catchphrase. We teamed up guys against girls and had a lot of fun trying to get our new friends to say the phrase on the machine.

As for food we kept it really simple with homemade guacamole (recipe coming soon), chips and salsa, tater tots, and chicken tenders. They girls also brought dips and cheese and crackers. It was enough to fill us up but not have me worry about a set meal for everyone. The night was a lot of fun and I hope we have more game nights in our future.

*For the record, we will never play monopoly as it's a terrible game that can last several days and bring fits of rage and tears.


  1. I looove game nights! We used to have them all the time in college, but we haven't had a proper game night in a while and reading this post definitely makes me want to plan one! Funny monopoly story-- I once played with my husband and my brother, and my husband who is SO competitive got so upset with my brother and I because we kept trading with each other and he was convinced we were making it so he couldn't win.... I think it took him a few hours to get over it ;) haha

  2. A few months ago, I would have agreed with the Monopoly statement wholeheartedly. However, I was recently introduced to the nerd version (Lord of the Rings Monopoly) and it was amazing! Best part? There's an element (the one ring, no less) that keeps it from going for days (and only ending when everyone has been haggled/bargained/beaten into senseless regret).

    Cards Against Humanity is great too and Catchphrase sounds interesting. If it involves wordplay, I'll have to investigate further...

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