May 16, 2014


Dear weekend, I hope you're much better than last weekend. I had high hopes and then it sucked. Dear Dave, the beach is calling my name, let's go! Dear Finley, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Your poor tummy was a mess this past week, but I think we're good to go now.

{he is just too cute}
Dear Lost, I'm so glad Dave and I finished you-yup all 6 seasons. This obsession of ours is over now, thank goodness. Although the final episode was like huh...I definitely googled an explanation for it. Dear aunt and uncle, it's so nice having family just randomly stop by. I love having family live down here. It's something I never thought I would have. Dear Tera, I missed you on g-chat all week. Hope you had fun in Fiji on your honeymoon! Dear Nicole and Todd, your emails make me laugh so much-thanks. Dear Schiller, I don't think you know how happy you made me now that I'm finally on your fantasy team. 4 years later, but I made it! I'm gonna kick some fantasy ass this year-get ready boys! Dear Christa, Thanks for your guest post on Wednesday. I love knowing places I can take Finley. Dear Publix, why oh why don't you carry Dave's yogurt that he likes. He's a picky man and only likes one kind. You make life harder by forcing me to go to Target-where you know I'll spend money on stupid stuff for myself (although I was good and only picked up CatchPhrase, a lip stain, and a little jewelry box on sale for $2). Dear game night, I'm excited to have some friends over and to play some games and get to know everyone better. AND I hope I win!

Dear friends, hope you have a great weekend doing whatever it is you love to do!

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  1. CatchPhrase is not stupid. It's a legitimate investment :)


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