May 20, 2014

a homey feeling

Since moving our living room furniture around, our space has felt much more homey. It seems less cold (even without our rug while it's off being cleaned from Finley's accident) and much more cozy. I love that the area seems to be a space of it's own now. It's a hard thing to do with such an open floor plan. We picked up our console table on Saturday and placed it behind the couch which really anchors everything together. Dave and I had some luck at Home Goods picking up little knick knacks for the table. I adored this starfish as soon as I saw it and Dave was all about the boxes and adding more yellow to the room. I of course took a trip to Target to try and find lamps for our end tables. I bought two tan ones but am returning them because they were just a little blah. I ended up ordering these yellow ones from Target since they didn't have them in store and we will figure out the lamp shade part when they get in. Luckily I found a little half yellow vase from Target as well that added a little extra pop of color. I'm not sure whether we'll add more picture frames to the table quite yet or not, but until we get less lackadaisical with our picture taking I won't be placing any more empty frames there.

We're still waiting on our rug to be returned, and once we have some lamps it'll feel a lot more put together. Forgive my pictures as I took them with my iphone. I think I know what I'll ask for for Christmas this year. A DSLR camera and a photography course. Because these iphone pics really don't do the space justice


  1. I love your space! Don't you love when you have good luck at Home Goods? I got a cute seahorse tray the last time I was there and it makes me so happy-- love the starfish you picked out!

  2. Looks great! We just got rugs for our living areas and it made such a difference for the "homey'ness". I think you'll love it! Love your chevron pillows!


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