April 21, 2014

the worst

 photo parks-and-recreation-Jean-Ralphio-the-worst-worst-woooorst-1372637673p.gif
{Oh I love Jean-Ralphio (from Parks and Rec).}
This weekend was pretty much the woooooooorst. Although Dave and I had Friday off together, we had to take poor Finley to the vet to get neutered. He was pretty pathetic when we brought him home, and it broke our hearts as he whined all night. We even took turns sleeping with him in the living room Friday night. Saturday he was back to himself and stopped whining so hopefully that means he's not in pain anymore. I feel really bad that he has to wear a cone for the next two weeks, but it's better for him to heal. All weekend Dave and I were both sick with colds, but he wins since he's home from work today with a slight fever and chills. We didn't even make it to church on Easter-pretty bad right?

I'm hoping the Bounds family will all be back to normal next weekend, because we were a pretty pathetic sight. I have pics of our cone headed fur ball but my iphone is acting up, so I'll post those later.

Hope your weekend was much better than ours.

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