April 22, 2014


Sometimes I like to get on Pinterest and scroll through the quotes for inspiration.
 I love lions. They are so beautiful and regal and ever since reading the Narnia series with Aslan as a character they always comfort me. Sometimes it's that little voice at the end of the day, the whisper of a voice, that is the reason to hold on to the hope of tomorrow.
 Dave wrote this to me in one of our first Facebook messages. I had just been really hurt by a previous relationship and wasn't sure if I was ready to jump into something new so soon. But he was right, and this quote is perfect for that time as well as now.
I can't remember if it was my friend Katie P or Dave that said I was passionate. I was surprised by that description, as I saw myself as just emotional (every day crier over here) but it's nice to view myself from a different angle. Maybe I am just passionate about things and that's why I get so overwhelmed by emotions and feelings. The quote above really encompasses the way I feel about the way I feel.

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