April 24, 2014

cone head

{at the vet before they took him for surgery-hugs from mama}
Things I have thought since bringing Finley home from the vet after his neutering.
  1. I want to put ice cream in his cone and take pictures.
  2. Aww poor baby
  3. I wonder how I would do with a giant cone on my head
  4. Does he know it's only temporary?
  5. I'll be your paws for you. (when he has a toy in his cone he can't use his paws to maneuver it)

Right after taking him home-he was a pretty sad sight.
Cuddle time with mom is the best for healing. Sorry Dave.

When my parents come over they sit on the floor and play with the fur ball. They needed to see this past weekend that he was ok, but I'm glad they waited until Saturday night when he was more himself. Finley is back to his tail wagging, treat eating, puppy kisses self. He has to wear the cone for 2 weeks but it doesn't seem to phase him. Our house however is a little worse for wear as he bumps and scrapes the cone into e v e r y t h i n g.
But he's a champ and soon enough the cone will be off and a distant memory and we can kiss his head much easier.

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