April 25, 2014


Dear Dave, I'm excited for this weekend since we're both feeling better (well not you again). Hoping we'll get out of the house and do some stuff! Dear Sister Friend, I love you, your new hair cut is too cute! So glad we got to Facetime, if only for a few minutes this week. Dear suitcase, why has it taken me so long to unpack you from the cruise? Fail. I'll need to pack you up again soon for Tera's wedding next weekend! Dear movies, I haven't been to you in a while and I plan on hitting you up this weekend. The Other Woman looks hilarious and Draft Day looks like a good date night pick. Dear Dave, my camera roll is lacking in pictures of us lately. We used to be so good, but it's filled with only Finley pics so we need to get better of capturing US.
someecards.com - Sorry my body still being in the office confused you into believing my mind hadn't already left for the weekend.
{oh Friday's}
Dear March for Babies, I'm excited to walk on Saturday. Dear friends, If you want to donate for our walk tomorrow please click HERE. Thank you! s h o u t   o u t to those who have donated to the cause already-thank you so much! Dear Jessica, I'm so excited for the drawing you're creating for me. Thank you, it means a lot to me. Dear Mom, I'm excited for our girls night tonight!

Friends I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

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