March 6, 2014

sitting in the driveway

This happens now because I am listening to a book on CD. The first one was when my mom and I drove up to VA Beach for my sisters wedding. We started listening to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and it was intriguing.

There were hour spans when my mom and I didn't talk to each other and I found myself wanting to stay in the car to listen even when we reached our destination. I finally finished it on my drive home from work a couple of weeks ago and sat in the car with my jaw hanging open. If you don't plan on reading it, that's ok-the movie starring Ben Affleck (perfect choice as the lead character) comes out sometime this year.
Book on CD is an easy way to entertain yourself in the car and I promise once you'll try it you'll be hooked. I'm already on a new audio book The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. Although, I'm done with the first set of cd's and I can't seem to find the second set. I'm really hoping they are misplaced somewhere in my car so I can finish this story.

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