March 7, 2014


Dear Dave, First off, I love you so incredibly much. Have a fun weekend with your family and I can't wait until you come home. Dear friends, thank you for being so great and for all your prayers this week for me and my family. Dear Momma, you're awesome. Thanks for being there for the couch delivery guys and for letting Finley out almost every day. You're the best and Dave and I are so appreciative for all you do for us. Dear Spaz and Nate, I can't believe FaceTime works to talk to you guys! So cool. It was good to see your faces. I miss you. Dear friends, you'll want to tune in next week as we have more pictures of my sister's beautiful wedding!

Dear college kids, you're not the only ones enjoying spring break next week! YES, I'll  be enjoying it too as I get the week off (paid) from work. The perks of working at a community college! Dear Avacado's, you're my current obsession. I love that you're on sale at Publix lately. Dear Carole, thanks for the sweet Paperless Post card. It really brightened my day and I love knowing you're reading the blog! Dear house, you feel officially done now that we have our man cave couch. I can't wait for Dave to get back home so we can snuggle up on it and watch movies or Hulu on the big tv! It'll double as our second guest bedroom for now if more than one visitor comes to town.

Enjoy your weekend!

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