March 24, 2014

relax in the sun

The sun was out in full force this weekend. To say I loved it would be an understatement. Saturday we took a trip to Apollo Beach are to the Manatee viewing center to see if we could view any. They come to this area because the power plant (yea super healthy) warms the water for them. They usually stick around while it's "winter" in Florida until the waters start warming up. Unfortunately we only saw one manatee. I think we got spoiled this summer when we saw two of them at our favorite beach and followed them along the shoreline and got to see them play and kiss each other. We'll be on the lookout again soon when we go back to hitting up the beaches on the weekend.
We finally bought a hammock stand and put our hammock Dave got me for our 2nd wedding anniversary up in the backyard. I slathered myself with sunscreen and was out there for an hour before it got too hot.

Dave and I ended Saturday night with a little cuddle time in the hammock before the sun went down. It was much cooler towards evening and it was just nice to be outside together.

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  1. Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend. I want a hammock now too. Oh, and warm weather. :)


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