March 25, 2014


It's Tuesday, which is only one day away from Monday, so it still sucks. So to brighten the day I'm going to share the top 5 things that are making me happy this week.
1. GOOD NEWS. I love being surprised by good news. I'm so thankful to have heard some this week in regards to a dear loved one of mine.
2.MY HUSBAND. He makes me so incredibly happy even when I'm down in the dumps. He's funny and kind and the most giving person I've ever met. He's patient and sweet and I'm so thankful he's all mine. I'm glad only I know him the way I do. It's special and I wouldn't want to share that with anyone else.
3.CALENDAR DATES. I love when I have something scheduled on my calendar that I can look forward to. I currently have 17 days until I go on my friends Bachelorette cruise! And then I have other things on there for the next few months.
4.SUNSHINE. Whether it's coupled with some rain here or there, I don't mind. I am loving the sunshine this past weekend and this week. I love that it's 80 degrees in March. My friends in DC have snow and I couldn't be more sure that this move was the 100% right decision for me and Dave to make. People thought we were crazy, and maybe we were, but the sunshine does us some good!
5.NOW. It's so hard to just be in the now-the present moment-but it's the thing that can make us truly the happiest I believe. When you're focused on today and what you're blessed with it makes it easier to be content and happy. I'm trying to do that more lately. I'm so thankful for this rainy Tuesday, for the phone call I just had with my mom as she took Finley out, and for the daily lunch conversation I have with Dave. You're not promised a tomorrow so why wish this day away?
What is currently making YOU happy?

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  1. Definitely 100% the right decision. It's snowing again today.


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