March 4, 2014

Our garbage can isn't in the middle of the room anymore.

Weird title I know. But I'm seriously stoked that our garbage can is in a normal spot and not the focal point of the kitchen eating space. It was helpful however for 4 months that Dave and I didn't walk into our hanging light fixture, but geeze was it an eyesore. The downstairs is finally all put together (ok not really we have one completely empty room). I'm excited for the new kitchen table and hope that Dave and I will sit down more with each other rather than side by side at the bar or on the couch. I don't know how we STILL manage to eat in front of the tv sometimes when we have multiple tables to eat at. 
Our upstairs couch gets delivered Wednesday so the man floor will be mostly done. I think we need a poker table up there or something for Dave and his buddies. And then we can start saving for the bar we eventually want to have put in. And then maybe we can paint....oooh there I go getting carried away again.

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  1. Love it! Yay for having a kitchen table :)


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