February 28, 2014


{This is what true excitement in a 27 year old looks like. Yay for Minnie ears!}
Dear second week of work, you went a little better than the first. And I did save a substitute teacher's butt with my ingenuity. So that's good. Dear Strawberry Festival, thank you for happening and for giving me the day off on Monday. Dear new neighbors, I'm a little freaked out you knocked on my  back door the other day at night. I will be shutting my curtains from now on so you can't peek in. Dear Moe's, I hate that you are so close to work. I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I've eaten there this week. I really need to go to the store and buy food so we can make lunches. Dear Emily, I can't wait for you to be down here for your Spring Break! Yay cousin time. Dear sweaty bands, I think you are awesome. You stay on my head all day and look so cute! Thanks Mary for introducing me to them at the half-marathon expo. Dear Momma, thank you for being so good to Finley and us this week by dropping by the house to let him out and play during the day. Dear Dave, thanks for always loving me even when I'm a brat. Dear friends, enjoy your weekend!

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