February 27, 2014

Dave loves me more than the dog

{such a little weirdo}
While at times I'm not sure where Dave's heart truly lies (with me or Finley) a couple of months ago I was excited to know that I win out over the dog, or at least in that instance I did. Let me set the scene. It's late, like 11:30 pm, and I'm all tucked in bed halfway to a good restful sleep. Dave is upstairs on his man floor (which is like a man cave but it's the whole second level. Yea, he's a lucky guy.) and all of a sudden our fire alarms were going off, screeching FIRE, FIRE! Dave rushed down the stairs yelling my name and headed straight for our bedroom to make sure I was ok. By this time I had staggered out of bed and was yelling for him too. There was no sign of smoke and none of our kitchen appliances were on so we googled it and went back to sleep. Apparently with new construction homes debri can get into the fire alarms and it can cause them to go off.
{He likes to sleep half under the couch or the coffee table. And he drags his bed all over the place.}
If we were in danger I know we would have made sure each other were ok before bolting to Finley's crate and scooping him up. He's our fur baby...but for right now he can suck it because Dave loves me more....albeit only slightly more-but hey I still win!
LOVE that fuzzy face.
* I really need a nice camera to capture the cuteness that is Finley better. Iphone pics aren't cutting it.

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