February 4, 2014


Hey friends. I still blog here.

Mom and I are currently in wedding prep mode in VA with my sister this week before she ties the knot on Saturday. Today we did lots of wedding things and are feeling in a good place with all the plans, timelines, table settings, and all that wedding jazz. Sunday Mom and I packed up and drove halfway and stayed the night at my best friends house. It's always nice to be able to see my bestie and her family and get some quality time in whenever we can. 
{pit stop the road trip, me and my bestie and her baby}
It's been nice to have some time with Katie and Nate before the craziness of the wedding happens. Mom and I have done a bunch of planning and thinking but have promised that on the wedding day we are going to relax and enjoy and pass on work to friends that are coming to help execute everything so that we can be there (REALLY be mindfully present) with Katie on her special day.
{Me and my beautiful sister}
{My momma and her girls}

Last week I had another interview and this time I GOT THE JOB!!! I start in a few weeks, giving the family that I babysit enough time to find a replacement for me. I'll be sad to leave them but at the same time I'm excited to have a reason to get up and shower and wear something other than PJ's. I'm excited to contribute and have something other than Finley to talk to Dave about at dinner. Hope you all are having a great week. 

I promise to be back at blogging more regularly soon.
I've been a little "what's the point" of it lately but I'm chucking that up to being busy and feeling competitive and comparing myself to others out there in the blog world. But I'm reminded that this whole thing is really for me and my family and one day I'll be glad that my thoughts and memories are written down so I can remind myself of what I've done or how I felt since I have a BAD/HORRIBLE/ROTTEN memory. This is my reminder that I did it, I felt it, I made it through it, I celebrate it, whatever I did. 

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  1. I have always wanted to blog (a personal blog like this) but I get one written, and then never follow up... I also think - who will read it... who cares... but I like the idea of doing it just for me... an online journal and way to keep family and friends updated! I have a blog out there, maybe I'll pick it back up and just start doing it for me, and if anyone else wants to read then good on them!? :) Love you and so happy that you are going to pass on the last bit of things to others so you girls can enjoy Katie's special day with her!!! I know it will be hard to "give up control" but I also know that the moments shared with your favorite girls will be priceless!! :)


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