January 30, 2014

I'm alive!

Things have been busy lately...in a good way. I had an interview last week (didn't get the job :-( ) but was able to meet up with my sweet friend Kristyn for coffee after. I had another interview this morning too-so we'll see how that goes. My sister, her fiance, and my dad were all in town this past weekend, so we've spent quality time with them.
I haven't had any motivation to write lately, so I've given myself a break. I'm currently wrapping things up for my sisters bridal shower event, her wedding, making invitations for my friends wedding in May, looking for jobs, keeping the house clean, and working two part time jobs. So I'm a little preoccupied right now. I'm hoping after next week I'll have some more free time to update. Heck, maybe even tonight I'll take some time and schedule some posts. Either way I wanted to pop in and say hi!

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  1. Yay for coffee with friends!! I am so excited for Katie's wedding!!! This is going to be such a fun time for you sisters!!! Are you making the invitations like you made those awesome cards for me?? You should totally blog about that!! :)


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