February 7, 2014

celebrating the bride

Last night the bridesmaids and I hosted a shower for my sister. Since she lives in China we kind of didn't have a chance to do anything except for a few days before the wedding. Thankfully a lot of my sisters friends are local and were able to come after work. 
{Heidelberg girls together again!}
{my sister and me}
We had her shower at a paint n sip place where you can bring food, drinks (sangria in our case) and open presents. They instruct you how to paint a particular picture-taking away all anxiety and giving MUCH reassurance in some people's cases. 
{some of the girls in action}
{The finished masterpieces}

It was a lot of fun and it was so nice to finally meet these friends of my sister's that I've heard her talk about for so long. I couldn't have pulled it off with out Katie H (a bridesmaid extraordinaire!) and Tera. So thankful not only wonderful people in my sister's life but mine as well.  
Today is rehearsal day and tomorrow the WEDDING!!!!

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