February 7, 2014


Dear Dave, I can't wait to see you tonight! I've missed you so much this week and I can't wait to hold you and kiss you and have you here to celebrate love with me. I'm so glad I have your love and I love weddings to cherish it and celebrate it. Dear Katie and Nate, TOMORROW you will be married. Let that sink in. That is exciting and wonderful. I can't wait to celebrate you two tomorrow.  Dear grapefruit, I just learned how to properly cut you. Mom, Grandma, and Papa got a good laugh from my mistake. 

Dear Momma, you've worked so hard for Katie's wedding, thank you for all you've done. You're an amazing woman. Dear Aaron, hey best friend I'm so excited to see you and meet your girlfriend. Hope she likes me because she's stuck with me if she's stuck with you! Dear Finley, I miss you furball! Dear Dave, you're amazing and so good to me and my family. Thank you for taking care of Finley and Bella this week and being willing to let me be up here to help out. Dear Dad and Tera, ummmm watching you do downward dog was amazing and I loved it!

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