January 6, 2014


Yesterday was the 5th day of the new year, and I couldn't even make it a week without buying an article of clothing. Ugh. BUT because I promised honesty and for you guys to keep me in check I'm putting it on here. As I said earlier every time I buy something new I have to get rid of something. I bought this new knitted blazer because I'm starting to apply for full time jobs again and I want to expand my work wardrobe. It was also on sale and marked down 60% at LOFT. So into my closet it went. I got rid of a sparkly tank top that every time I tried it on I would choose to wear something else. It always seemed to hug me in the wrong places, so I honestly don't know how it survived so long in my closet. It's now in my give a way pile that I plan on having my sister look through when she's visiting this month. 

I'm already one purchase in 5 days into the month and a little ashamed of myself. However, now I'm on a cash only system and it seems to be helping.  

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