January 1, 2014


Welcome 2014! I know it's silly to make a big deal about a new year (it's just a Wednesday after all) but for me, this year especially, I'm looking forward to the fresh start it brings. I'm leaving all my old worries, concerns, etc in the past. This year I'm starting out, and hopefully remaining, hopeful. This year can bring us so many new opportunities and blessings and I want to be open to them.

I'm excited to develop and nurture my new friendships here in Florida as well as maintain my relationships with friends that don't live here.

I'm excited for what God has in store for me as I plug in to a new church, new devotional, current Bible study and more prayer time with Him.

I'm anxious to see what God has planned for Dave and my relationship this year as well. Already we've tackled so many obstacles that our foundation is solid but as in any marriage we can always use some TLC. I especially this year want to make Dave a priority.

I hope I take this excitement for 2014 and carry it far into the year. Happy New Year friends!

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