December 5, 2013


Wow, first I don't know how these other people do it, make their rooms look beautiful in pictures. Well for starters they probably use a real camera instead of their iphone (that'd be my first mistake). Oh well, I don't have time for that. Moving along.

We've finally finished the guest bedroom, nothing like an impending visit to really put a fire under your butt. I spent Monday and Tuesday painting the room with an extra trip back to Home Depot for just a liiiiitle more paint. I love the color blue we chose for the walls, we went with Tropical Pool by Behr Ultra. It's slightly darker than I had anticipated but thankfully I love it and it works well with the decor.

{looks better in person, you'll just have to come see for yourself!}

{ahhh Florida, the land of sunshine}

{a sweet guest book given to me by Nicole for visitors memories etc and a table my mother in law gave us}

We want our visitors to feel like they're in a relaxing place, so we decorated  minimally and have a beach theme going on. We may not be on the water but we're much closer than most of our friends (45 minute drive to some of Florida's best beaches!). One of Dave's best friends is coming to town this weekend with his new girlfriend and I'm excited to show them around. Then we have visitors on and off until the end of February. I'm excited the room will get some use and that Dave and I will have some of our very best friends coming to visit!

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