December 6, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear week, you've been tiring, I'm glad you're over. Dear Schiller, I'm so excited for your visit and to meet the new girlfriend! Dear Florida, please stay in the 80's for their visit so we can convince Schiller to move down! Dear Net Net, I love you and am so proud of you. Praying for swift recovery. Dear Momma, you're a good person, sister, daughter, and mom. I know you don't think so at times and I don't say it enough but I'm proud of who you are, what you taught me, and I'm so thankful for you. Your kindness and love has impacted my life and who I am more than you'll probably ever realize. I love you. Dear Finley, you're the cutest but I'm really over all the biting in the mornings. Please stop. Dear myself, as people from college start requesting friendships on FB or Instagram remember who you are. Don't compare, don't look back, and stay true to who you are. It's hard when you feel like you never fit in.

{throwback....look  how tan he was! 4th of July on the Capitol}
Dear Dave, thank you for all your hard work this week and always. The house is coming together and I'm loving it. I'm excited for some down time together this weekend with you.
Dear Dave, sometimes it's fun to look back at old pictures and remember how much we thought we loved each other then. It's crazy to me how much more I love you every day and how much stronger our relationship gets with every passing moment, struggle, and celebration. I'm so thankful for you and our marriage.


  1. He will stop biting soon! Have a great weekend!

  2. awe, the biting was the worse for me too. she still is a bit mouthy, always has been, but it gets better.

  3. Girl you are awesome!!! You are beautiful, classy, funny, smart, and totally awesome!! I often struggle with feeling like I don't fit life, in groups, in friends, even sometimes in family...especially right now, when I don't have friends. When I look at others my age, I think about how much more mature/adult they seem than me. I often think "I'm just a little too goofy..." or "I laughed a little too hard at the thing that was a little too inappropriate/immature..." or any number of things that I could go on forever about... anyways... I sort of lost where I was going with all of that, but just know, there is no competition, because you are YOU! And you are AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL and there is NO ONE out there like you! So, what I say, when I see that they have this big job, or this many kids, or this big a house, or that nice of a car or they are sophisticated and don't laugh at the stupid thing that made me choke on my drink cause I was laughing so hard... "So what! Who Cares" (As Fred Armisen would say on SNL - ) Love you!


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