December 9, 2013


Welcome to our first edition of "The Finley Files". Yea, I may have lost my mind but the dog is so damn cute that he has to start having a weekly say on the blog, don't ya think?

I know this picture looks a little rough but it was my first attempt at cropping an irregular picture in PowerPoint (you can find the video here), so I think I did a pretty good job. Plus he's a dog-he's not judging me.

He's doing well in his training class at Petsmart, we have three more classes to go before he hopefully graduates! He's so funny on walks, if you can even call them walks. Half the time he throws his body on the ground and scooches around in the grass in a circle on his side. Or he'll just sit and look at the birds, feel the wind, or watch the sun. Other times he'll walk sideways until I can get him to walk normal because he's looking behind him at people or something he finds interesting. He's getting to be a really good dog and I love his temperament. He's funny, sweet, and just likes being near us. We really lucked out with this little guy and I hope he's as happy with us as we are with him.


  1. I love this! Thatcher does the same rolling around thing on walks. I think he does it to scratch...


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