December 4, 2013

life lately

Ok so technically these pictures were all just from today, but hey it's my blog, I do what I want! Things seem to have been piling up since getting back from Thanksgiving. Finley as the puppy he is gave me a scare early this week by attempting to chew on an ant trap. He's fine! But still that's how my week started. It took me two days to paint the guest bedroom all by myself and I've just felt worn down. But thankfully the week is picking up and I'm having a much better day.

My sweet blog friend Cassie posted a pic on instagram so that people could go to Starbucks and treat themselves to a drink on her. Such a sweet way to pay it forward. It has me thinking about something  I can be doing especially during the Christmas season.
While Finley did scare me this week he's also been a good boy (I say as he's sweetly asleep in his crate). He let me put this bow tie on his collar and sat for some pictures. He is just ADORABLE. We had bath time for him last night and I love the way he feels after----so soft.

 Dave and I have been hard at work putting together the guest room and hanging pictures that we just haven't gotten around to yet. Every day it's feeling more and more like home. I'm excited for our window treatments for the living room to get in in a few weeks, then we'll really be all kinds of done with buying things for the house. Yay. Hope you guys are having a happy hump day!

haha cracks me up!

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  1. Darn, wish I could be there to paint with you! I actually LOVE painting--I know, it's weird haha. The photo of Finley in the bow-tie had me cracking up, he looks so regal and "at attention"! ;) And gosh, the camel commercial gets me every time too. Enjoy the rest of your week girlie!


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