December 3, 2013

Back home

Hello again friends. I hope you all are well rested after a long weekend with family, friends, and stuffing your face full of turkey. It was good to go see Dave's family and friend and enjoy the snow for a little minute and then come home. 
{mama and me with my big boy before we headed off to the airport}
We're so blessed that my family was willing to take Finley and care for him while we were gone. I would wake up to 7 pictures and get videos almost everyday. I knew he was in loving hands and I didn't worry about him at all. That being said it was also nice to have a little break from the furball and sleep in past 7 am.
{Rochester garbage good}
While in NY we did the typical things of seeing family, friends, and of course I had to have my garbage plate! It was a cool feeling flying back to Florida, I think it really feels like home now. We definitely were over the cold after a day or so, so it really makes us happy to be back in the sunshine state.

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  1. I am so glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving! Finley is getting SO big!!


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