December 19, 2013


Now I don't pretend to be all HGTV or Young House Love kinda good or knowledgeable when I write about building our house or decorating, but sometimes I just have to pat myself (and Dave, mostly Dave) on the back. Our new house hasn't really felt like home till just now. I moved a lot growing up and the way my mom made our new quarters feel like home was by hanging curtains and art on the walls. You know, putting a part of us into the new house. Dave and I tackled decorating pretty quickly and things came together nicely but something for me was still We have basically a wall of windows and then another window on the adjacent wall. Yes, our backyard has a fence dividing our backyard from the next development over but it still felt a little fishbowlesque at night.
 I didn't like the fact that we didn't have privacy and it didn't feel quite as homey with these big huge windows. So we decided to have roman shades put in. They'd look good,  be functional, but allow light to come in during the day and then lower them at night for privacy. Perfecto! That just left us with figuring out what to do with our sliding glass doors. Our sliding glass doors are massive and there was no way to put anything there unless it was curtains or those ugly blinds things. We ended up deciding that curtains was a better fit for us.

With wanting the ability to open and close the curtains from day to night I found that the clips they sell made it so much easier to slide them back and forth on the rod. Even though Dave said it made them look like shower curtains I'm willing to live with it as long as it makes things easier for me. I am also so very glad that we decided to hang the curtain rod 12 inches from the glass doors. It makes them seem so much wider and when we have the curtains open none of the doors are covered.

What I also did was pulled the yellow from the accent chairs pillows into the curtains. We have an all blue pallet going on that I didn't want to overwhelm the room with one solid color. I found these curtains at BB&B and knew they would work perfectly. They tie the whole room together with the cream, gray, brown and yellow and the pattern is subtle enough to work.

We're still waiting on our kitchen table and man cave couch but for now we're keeping it classy and putting our kitchen trash can in the middle of the space so we don't hit our heads on the light. Other than that we're pretty much done other than finding a piece of art for above the new hall bench. It feels good to know we're all done can not just relax on weekends with each other. And it's nice to have it all put together for visitors-like my best friend Megan who comes to town TODAY!!!

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