December 20, 2013


Dear Meg, God it's so good to have you here. I miss you and every day best friend time. Thank you for taking the time to come visit. Miss Caroline is so adorable, I'm looking forward to the weekend with you two!
Dear Cards Against Humanity, Such a raunchy game, but so very funny. I'm so thankful it brought a couple of my work friends to my house this week to play it and get to know each other better.

Dear Bella, I think Finley is lonely without you to play with. You two were so cute together. Play date soon! Dear Finley, you totally won our stare off the other day. I was thinking back to when we first brought you home and we've come such a long way. You're turning into a really good little dog. Dear Momma, thank you so much for taking Finley out the past two days while I was working my shift at LOFT. You're such a big help and I appreciate it, even though you did get us the wrong milk at the store-we'll overlook it this time! haha. Dear Sister Friend, I miss you so much. Can't wait to Skype and hear about your week.
Dear Dave, I love you so much. Thank you for all your hard work at work and on the house this week.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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