December 18, 2013

the grinch and cookie recipe

I don't know what it is this year but I'm a lot more calm when it comes to Christmas decor. Usually when we put up the Christmas tree I'm a drill sergeant, "no those lights are too close, move them to that bald spot."  But this year for some reason I'm all kinds of chill. Maybe because our Christmas tree is up on the second floor where no one really goes, or maybe because we put it up so late, or maybe because having perfect lights on the tree doesn't actually matter. I'm not sure but I'm loving it-I didn't even do the squint test this year. If you know me you know that's a pretty big deal! Even though I'm a little disappointed in myself with how I've handled gift giving this year (Dave picked out his own mom's gift!-and my parents are getting dinner with us) I'm a little relieved that I haven't gotten wrapped up in the hustle of everything this year. It's been nice to not have a whole list of people to buy for. Sure, if I could afford it I'd love to buy all my friends something but at the same time it's been nice to have a break from being me. And by that I mean a little anal, over spender, and stressed during the holidays. I want everything to be picture perfect and by relaxing this year I've gotten to enjoy things more without the stress. I wanted to send out a Christmas card with a picture of my pretty little family-that didn't happen. It didn't happen and I'm ok. Maybe we'll send out a new years card or something, or maybe I'll get to one next year.

As Christmas is A WEEK AWAY and a bunch of you have asked for my aunt's sugar cookie recipe I decided to share it with you. A little part of me is sad that it will be out there in the world for others to pass off as their own but I know if we meet and are going to the same holiday party and I want to bring these cookies, you'll let me so that my treat will be the best!

Hope you all enjoy and don't stress this holiday season.

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