November 5, 2013

welcome home

I am beyond excited that today we close on our home. We've watched as it has been built from a concrete slab to the beautiful home it is today. While we get the keys today we won't start sleeping there till Friday after the movers bring all our stuff, but never the less it's going to feel great to know that it's finally ours. Dave and I have put a lot of time and thought into every aspect of the house (who picks our grout color?) and we're thrilled with how everything has turned out.
{the first time we saw it in person after moving to Fl}

I'm off shortly for one final walk through with our construction manager so that I have a perfect picture of it in my head instead of a laundry list of things that need to be done before I sign at closing. I'm excited and I can't' wait for Dave and I to walk into it this evening! 

I've been slacking in taking pictures lately of the house since it's been all business but I promise tomorrow you will have a picture of the finished outside and of course as things come together after the movers, I'll share our home sweet home with you. Otherwise you can always just come visit and see it in person!


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