November 14, 2013

I'm glad the dog can't read

Dave may have mentioned to me the other day that I need a new post about how much I LOVE Finley now, since all my posts a while ago seemed to be about how annoyed or frustrated I was. Want to get real? At first I really wanted to take him back. Like uncontrollably crying to Dave that I hated him and I wanted to take him back. Thankfully I didn't, and I can't imagine life without him. He's only 16 weeks (as of Tuesday) and still very much a puppy. Things have gotten better and he's calmed down a lot but I'm reminded that he's just a baby and still learning. So I'm very glad that Finley can't read because I would hate for him to know how much I struggled in the beginning with his very presence in my life.
{at my parents a few weeks ago}

I'm so thankful that we're in our house now and the little guy has a ton of space to run around and play. The stairs are blocked off for now since he snuck up there one day and took a big dump, so unless one of us is up there with him he's blocked. All the doors are pretty much shut all the time too since he likes to chew on toilet paper in the bathrooms, and I don't trust him to just roam free yet.

He's the cutest thing when he follows us around the house, he's the softest little guy to kiss, and I love to watch him sleep all kinds of crazy in his crate.

He's only going to get better with time. He's already taking classes at Petsmart to learn how to walk better on a leash etc, so that's helping. He's such a good dog and I'm really proud of him and how we've all done together. Even though I'm covered in bite marks, my floors look like the wild west with his fur as tumbleweeds, and he doesn't listen sometimes I'm still overwhelmed sometimes by how much I love the little furball. So thanks Finley for being the most loyal and loving boy even when I don't deserve it. You're the best.


  1. awe, i still have those moments with Harlee, where I'd love to give her back for a couple days. enjoy time with just me, but then i realize when there isn't anybody else with me at night, she's my protector. for that i take her for granted. Even at a year and a half she still has a lot of energy, and i can't wait until she's over 4 and wants to just lay around all day. :)

    There will come a time where you realized all the hard work you put into Fin would be great and you dont have to do much besides let him do his duty outside. Keep up the awesome work dear!

  2. I love this post! I am so glad you've bonded!!


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