November 13, 2013

craft room

I made one of these things for my best friends baby shower last January (omg was it that long ago!) and I'd really like to have one for my craft room too. Maybe I'll try to find some down time to make one in the near future. Anyway....I've been having fun putting together my craft room;  for a while I thought maybe I could combine it with Dave's man cave upstairs---you know, in a corner so we could be together---but when all my shize (german for shit) came I knew my own space was needed. My mother in law was in town last weekend and graciously helped me put together an IKEA bookcase. It was massive and sooooo heavy. I am antsy to hang all the prints I've been collecting over the past year or so while looking forward to having my own craft room but I can't seem to find something I bought from IKEA awhile ago to hang pictures on. I want that to be the centerpiece before I start my gallery wall. It's driving me NUTS and I feel like I've looked everywhere. I'm going to continue the search, but if it's not found soon I'm going to have to go buy new ones.

Sorry this post feels like word vomit, I'm excited and tired and feel like I have so much to catch you all up on. It's before 9 pm as  I'm writing this and I'm slowly nodding off, so before it gets much worse I'm going to cut my losses and go to bed. My own bed, my sleepnumber bed, my super comfy bed.
I'm so glad to be home.

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