November 18, 2013

Home decor

west elm
If you're thinking this is a funky rug, you're right it is...and it's made it's home in our new living room. I'm honestly so surprised that 1. Dave picked it out, and 2. that I agreed to let it come home with us. But I'm glad we found it and it looks really good in our space. It somehow ties in the gray of our walls, the driftwood of our media center, and brightens up the room, all in one not so little rug. 

This weekend we spent our time hanging things around the house. It always feels so much homier when artwork is up on the walls, it feels more personal and lived in. Dave's man cave is all decorated now with our collection of maps and some of his West Point and Army things.  It's very masculine up there (which is sexy) and is only amplified by the new 60 inch tv that was wall mounted this weekend. Poor guys has to be patient and wait for 3 months until his new leather couch is in, so the man cave won't be complete for a while. 

I've also contained my snarky side all weekend as I refrained from posting that it was 87 degrees here yesterday and that everyone who asked why in the world we were moving to Florida should suck it. 

I wish I was a photographer so that our space looked better but from me you get iphone pics...sorry!
Next up are window treatments. We get our coffee table and end tables tomorrow along with our dining room rug!

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  1. It looks so great! Definitely matches your personality and style :) I love the new rug too! So glad it's all coming together for you guys.


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