November 20, 2013

gathering table

Growing up we always had family dinners. We would work on our manners by pretending the Queen was over for dinner. Why it wasn't ever the President I'll never know, but I'm assuming the Queen of England is just a little classier and cares more about elbows on the table and feet on the chairs.
In Maryland Dave and I would rarely sit at our dining room table, mostly because it was always filled with my craft stuff. We were always on the couch watching tv and eating, which was fine but not real good for communication. That's why I'm excited that I have my own craft room here to hide my mess and so that we can keep the table clutter free for easy eating ability. Already we've eaten at the dining room table a  bunch and it makes us slow down, enjoy our food, and talk. Yesterday we picked up our new rug and I really think it helps complete the area, It's exactly what I pictured when I thought about this dining area while the house was being built so I'm really glad we found it. I think the wall is a little bare and could use something above the candelabras, but we'll find that in time. I was thinking round or decorative mirrors. What would you put there?

Did you do anything silly growing up at the dinner table?


  1. I love the table! Looks beautiful. I agree, just having a cleared table space for sharing meals makes a world of difference. Ours is squeezed back in our galley kitchen behind the fridge, so we rarely eat there, and I definitely miss it!


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