October 10, 2013


Since I've been a little debbie downer this week I decided to focus today's post on what I am thankful for. I  have a lot to be happy about as I'm a very blessed woman. So instead of staying down in the dumps I've decided to share what I'm thankful that I do have.

Amazing friends.
Yes they may not be down the street anymore but I can still call them up and pour my heart to them and they listen and care. They're wonderful and aren't going anywhere-despite the distance.

My family
They are fantastic people and we're all very close. I'm so thankful for that. I'm blessed that my sister and I are not only siblings but best friends and that she trusts me with wedding details and that her fiance' lets me do as much as I'm doing. (thanks for the sweet email thanking me Nate!)

Free time
I am trying to embrace this part of my life right now. I'm thankful that Dave has a good job that I'm able to only work part time and have most of the day to myself. I always complained about how tired I was in DC after work and now I don't have that problem. Be thankful for that Lauren.

Monster Dog
Yes, he annoys me but there are sweet moments when he'll come lay in my lap or whine when I leave the room that I like. He's got cute little floppy ears, I've kept him alive, and he's made me and Dave even more of a family than we were before.

And last but not least is the love of my life.

{from our date night last Friday}

I always feel like when I write about him that it never fully encompasses the way I feel or who he is. That's too bad for you because I like to keep some of that for just myself-after all he's all mine! But I am so thankful for him. He wipes my tear and plays with my hair. He soothes and stays calm when I cry for the thousandth time in a day. He picks responsibilities up when I just can't handle them anymore. He kisses me when he gets home before he plays with the dog. He'll call and text me throughout the day to let me know he loves me and misses me. He's an amazing provider and I don't have to worry that I don't have a full time job-everything will be taken care of money wise.

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