October 11, 2013

Friday's Letters

{Finley being flirty}
Dear Finley, Ow! Your teething phase sucks. You drew blood from me a couple times this week and I'm truly over it. Dear friends, thank you for taking the time out of your busy weeks to FaceTime with me. It's so refreshing to see your face as we talk. Dear Spaz, wedding crisis averted. And sorry to scare you when I texted you to get a hold of me ASAP when you got up. No one died, just a little hiccup in wedding reception room. All is good now. Dear Finley, I'm glad you're ok after you tried to eat that frog. And thank you for being such a good boy while I did my Bible study the past two days.
Dear October, I can't believe we're already two weeks in. Dear 89 cent chicken pot pies, you are a life saver. So easy to quickly eat as I chase demon dog around the house. But I do miss my home made pot pie. Can't wait to have my kitchen and all its supplies back! Dear house, come on. PLEASE cooperate and be fine. There was a leak last weekend that flooded half the house that they're fixing. Praying for minimal damage so we can possibly keep our closing date. Grrrr. Dear Dave, in case I don't say it enough...I trust you. I trust you in the decisions you make in regards to the house, financial decisions, our future, etc. Dear Saturday, I'm excited for you since Dave and I can spend it together with no work. Dear LOFT, stop having so many cute clothes, I want to buy e v e r y t h i n g! Dear Dave, you know me so well. Thank you for the surprise cotton candy you brought me from the mall after your haircut. I love you more each day, it's kind of crazy.

Enjoy your weekend friends!


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  1. These were super sweet to read!! What a lovely, lovely idea!! :)


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