October 9, 2013

blah, friendless

I'm having an off week. 

Twice this week my mornings have started off with crying (and it's only Wednesday). I think I'm just feeling like I'm in vacation mode still, not really feeling like this is quite permanent yet. While Florida is slowly feeling like home we've been living in this transition state for 3 months and I'm over it. I miss my girlfriends and I get sad that I have no one to do anything with. The other weekend as I worked a shift at the LOFT I was in wardrobing and two girls asked if it would be ok if they went into the same fitting room. It made my heart hurt a little because that's what Nicole and I would do when shopping at the LOFT after work or on weekends together. I had three FaceTime dates on Monday as well-Megan and her baby Caroline, Katie P, and Nicole. While I'm grateful for technology, being able to see my friends and being kept up to date in every one's lives it just made me more aware at how alone I am down here. I have tried to make friends and I continue to forge connections but it's hard. Dave is amazing but he goes to work for a good chunk of the day and I'm stuck at home watching the dog, then watching kids. I miss adult conversations and people that I'm comfortable with.
I met a co-worker last week that I hadn't met before and as we were talking I found out that she lives a street over from where Dave and my house will be. I immediately said let's be friends. And before she left for the day I made sure to exchange numbers. I joked the other day that I was creepy sounding and that she could smell the desperation. I have an amazing husband that I adore but sometimes you just need some good girl friends. And while I have the best of them we're all separated by distance and sometimes you just want to go out and do something with someone.

{me and my momma last winter at Eastern Market in DC}
This is me frustrated and lonely and biding my time till my mom is down here full time. Then I'll have a friend to do something with, I already call her an average of 4 times a day now.

So I ask for prayers while I'm in this phase of life. I love the texts, g-chat, emails, and phone calls I get from my already worn in wonderful friends, so thank you. Be praying that I find the energy to make new friends and put in the effort I need to make them worn in friends as well.


  1. Girl!!!! I am praying!!! I am in the same boat as you!!! I was at the store the other day and I heard these two girls on a different aisle chatting and laughing, and I just wanted to cry! I have felt like I've been in a place of transition since January 2012!!! (which was about the time that we found out we were going to Georgia) Husband's are amazing, and Derek is my best friend, but like you said, he is at work for a good chunk of the day/week and sometimes I just need a girlfriend to be a girl with!

    I will definitely be praying that Florida quickly feel like home, and that you can find some good people to make as worn in friends!!!

    LOVE you girly!!

  2. Hey. I feel you girl. This just made my heart hurt, because I experienced this only months ago and will be back to experience it again soon. It's so hard. It's so hard to make friends, it's so hard to put yourself out there. Starting all over again just sounds like so much work and effort sometimes, but I know it's worth it. I'm glad you met someone at work, what a coincidence she lives close by! I know I'm probably not the best option for a friend haha (considering I'm younger than you/not married/just graduating college/aka a baby!) but sometimes when I think about heading back to Tampa and how scared I am to find my place there, I just remember that I have you as a friend. I'm really glad we met and I hope we'll become closer as the months go by! Keep your head up, I'll be thinking of you, and praying God puts some amazing girlfriends in your life soon :)


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