October 24, 2013

It's not you, it's me

I have a tendency to say "I'm bored" a lot. Dave can attest to that, as it annoys him since he gives me like 5 options of things to do, but of course I never want to do any of them. We're new to the Tampa area and yet I'm bored already. This happened in DC too which is ridiculous because there are 8 million free museums, monuments, galleries, etc to see and tons of things to do. It's not the places we live, it's me.

To combat this annoying habit I've decided to make another bucket list since it's seemed to help me in the past with deciding on things to do. My issue is narrowing it down from all these options out there, and in the end we end up doing nothing because I'm a brat (basically). My amazing (and oh so patient-the Lord knew what he was doing when he made Dave for me) husband came home the other night with this brochure of things to do in downtown Tampa. And I remembered my mom sent me this book when we first got down here. No more annoying I'm bored whines from me, and I promise to have time at home so Dave is relaxed on the weekends as well.

This weekend I'll be visiting my parents and helping them move some of their stuff to their new house in Florida YAY! And then next weekend we'll be MOVING INTO OUR HOUSE, so that will keep us pretty busy the next zillion weekends, but when we do have some time I'll go back to the book and brochure for ideas to get us out and about!

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